My name is Mr. Arthur Goma Batchy Fortune, an applicant of X-Plore Travel and Tour (now JURIPOINT) and I would like to share my experience in the process of acquiring my visa.
It took me about a year to acquire my visa, which clearly shows how uneasy it was for me. I want to let all the applicants understand that If they do not have patience and be wise enough they will be disappointed. The most important thing I really appreciate the company for is the high level of professionalism they used in dealing with their applicants. The motivation, encouragement etc. given to applicants through emails, text messages, whatsapp etc. is well appreciated.
In addition, the company made available all information needed for my documents from start to finish until I got my visa.
All I can say to X-Plore(now JURIPOINT) is “thank you” and I encourage them to be there for every student who wishes to study abroad. I will also encourage anyone who has the desire to study abroad to trust X-Plore (now JURIPOINT) for a good job.

January 15, 2018