This is a legal and binding agreement, please read thoroughly before you proceed. If you have any question, contact us immediately. Voluntary ignorance will not release you of your responsibilities.

1 – I will co-operate fully with Juripoint and those supervising the programme on its behalf. I agree to abide by any reasonable instructions they may give me. I understand that Juripoint reserves the right to terminate the participation in the programme of any applicant whose conduct during or after the programme period may be considered unacceptable or not in agreement with the interest and security of the programme (this includes but is not restricted to threats, insults, fights…). If this decision is ever taken, my application will be canceled immediately and I will receive no refund, irrespective of whether it is prior of after visa application

2 – I agree to submit a complete application, full payment and all supporting documents at least 12 weeks prior to my intended date of travel. I will not hold Juripoint liable for any mishap due to my late submission. There is strictly no refund prior or after visa application.

3 – I understand that my application will be archived and all payment forfeited if I fail to submit all supporting documents required by Juripoint to process my application within 12 months. I further understand that I will have to restart the process (which includes paying the fees again) if I choose to travel again thereafter..

4 – I have a valid passport and I will complete all visa requirements in accordance with instructions given by Juripoint. In the event that I refuse to follow a recommendation of Juripoint and insist on a destination or programme of my choice in spite of Juripoint’s advice, I will not hold Juripoint responsible for any mishap afterwards, nor expect Juripoint to provide alternatives subsequently.  Accordingly, I agree to sign an undertaking that will be prepared by Juripoint and submit a letter for this purpose.

5 – I understand that I have to pay the entire progamme fees before my documents are submitted at the embassy for visa. I also understand that Juripoint cannot grant me a credit or loan to aid my traveling

6 – I further understand that I am responsible for all my travel expenses (visa fee, airfare…) and for my maintenance abroad (accommodation, transportation…). I agree that employment cannot be guaranteed.

7 – I also understand that Juripoint reserves the right to cancel the programme or modify the rules of this programme any time without prior notice and/or without my approval.

8 – I further understand that Juripoint can not be held responsible for any change in immigration laws and procedures. I therefore agree to abide by new instructions Juripoint may give to me and provide new documents that may be requested of me, in accordance with such changes.  I understand that any such changes and updates on my application will be communicated to me by e-mail. I consequently agree to obtain an active e-mail address and to check my e-mails at least once a week for updates on my application.

9 – Additionally, I understand that Juripoint may suggest alternate opportunities and destinations that best fit my profile, any time during the processing of my application, and I agree to abide by such instructions. If the cost of the alternative is lower than what I paid, the difference will be refunded to me. On the other hand, if the cost of the alternative is higher, I will have to pay up the difference for my application to be processed.  In the event that I choose not to comply with Juripoint instructions, no refund will be given to me.

10 – Finally, I consent to indemnify Juripoint and/or any third party for any liability or loss that may result from my actions under this agreement.


– Submit your application ,passport copy, CV and payment as soon as possible
– Then, submit necessary documents and follow instructions given by Juripoint
We are here to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or concern


There is strictly no refund prior or after visa application.