Languages of instruction: English and French
Courses Available: All courses are available
Intakes: February, September
Deadlines: About 9 -12 months in advance for public schools and about 1 to 3 months for private schools
Tuition fees:

About €0 to €15000 per year for undergraduate studies
About €0 to €20000per year for postgraduate studies

What you pay for our services: $300
What else you should budget for: school application fee, visa fee, tuition fee, air ticket, room, and board abroad




It is widely accepted that France is a world leader in many areas, being an official nuclear-weapon state and one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council with the power to veto.
It is a member of the G7 and is regarded as a prestigious centre of art, science, and philosophy. France is a wealthy country with the seventh-largest economy in the world and ranks fourth globally in terms of aggregate household wealth.
A leading tourist destination, receiving almost 100 million foreign visitors yearly, France also performs well in international rankings in other areas like education, health care, life expectancy, and human development.
It is therefore no surprise that the French higher education system is regarded as one of the best in Europe, and the world. Over a dozen of French universities consistently placed high in international university rankings. Over a dozen of French universities consistently placed high in international university rankings. There are three categories of higher education institutions in France: universities, Grandes écoles, and specialized schools.
France has about 3,500 public and private institutions including 77 publicly-funded universities, 25 multi-institute campuses, 220 business schools, 271 Doctoral schools, 227 engineering schools, 45 schools of art, 22 schools of architecture and 3,000 private schools. These institutions provide over 1,200 classes in English and cater each year to over 2.5 million students, 12% of which are international students. The French higher education system is top-notch. It is also one of the best and most accessible ones in the world. With low tuition fees, studying in France is more economical for international students.

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