A visitor visa  is a non-immigrant visa issued by the government of a foreign country to a national of another country seeking to enter its boundaries for a temporary purpose.

This conditional authorization granted by a country to an alien, allows him to come in the host country temporarily for business, tourism, medical treatment, research, visit of friends or family, volunteering, or for a combination of these purposes.
We have extensive experience counseling clients interested in visiting another country on how best to meet their goals. We will help you know whether a visa needed in your case, and where applicable, help you understand the requirements for applying or renewing your visitor visa. We will then help you assemble the documentation needed to obtain or extend your visitor visa.

What we can provide:

  • Comprehensive information on visa requirements and proposed destination
  • Communication with embassies
  • Guidance and support with visa application
  • Help with air travel arrangements and foreign currency exchange
  • Pre-departure orientation and on arrival services if previously agreed upo

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