Documents are a crucial part of the immigration process. But obtaining the right ones, on time, can be a daunting task, especially for today’s global citizens who may be born in one country, be domiciled in another, and possibly have relatives with vital documents somewhere else. Our goal as your representative is to make this process seamless.

We will proactively anticipate your needs in this area, and work with our local partners to streamline the process of obtaining any relevant official documents from courts, ministries, police departments, birth registries, embassies…etc. anywhere in world. Our goal is to ensure that the extensive documentation to ensure the success of your case is readily available when needed.

We are able to help with requests of:

  • Travel documents such as passports including initial applications, renewals, additional pages, amendments…etc.
  • Vital records such as birth certificates, consular reports of birth abroad, name change affidavits, marriage certificates, death certificates, certificates of naturalization,…etc
  • Court documents such as adoption orders, divorce orders, affidavits and sworn statements…etc.
  • Academic records such as transcripts, duplicate diplomas, graduation records, degree verifications, syllabus copies…etc
  • Criminal history reports including police clearance certificates, criminal background checks…etc.
  • Corporate documents such as incorporation documents, stock purchase agreements, powers of attorney, patent and trademark assignments…etc.
  • Professional documents such as certificates of good standing, credential verifications, membership letters, business licenses and permits, …etc.
  • Other documents as needed including medical records, residency certificates…etc.

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