Investment-based immigrant visas provide a method for eligible immigrant entrepreneurs to become lawful permanent residents in a country by investing a given amount in a commercial enterprise.

Most countries administer some sort of programs that grant residency to foreign entrepreneurs on the basis of their investments. These programs aim to increase a country’s foreign direct investment by offering incentives to those aliens who are willing and able to make sizeable investments in the country.

The requirements of these investment visa programs and the residency status that is granted to these foreign investors vary from country to country. Some countries may grant full permanent residency as part of their investment-based immigration program, whereas others may only grant conditional residency.

We have worked with hundreds of foreign investors to assist them in navigating this often confusing process of starting and directing the operation of a business abroad. We are able to guide our clients from the very start of their venture all the way to managing compliance issues once the business is running and the visa is approved.

We are prepared to handle even the most challenging cases. Our clients include those entrepreneurs who wish to apply for an investment-based immigrant visa abroad through consular processing and those who choose to apply for a change of status if they are already present in the country where they wish to invest.

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