Family-sponsored immigrant visas allow certain foreign nationals to become lawful permanent residents of a given country based on their close family relationship with a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the said country. Henceforth, the application process for a family-sponsored immigrant visa requires the participation of at least two family members : the petitioner seeking to sponsor a family member and the beneficiary receiving the visa.

In most situations, family sponsored cases begin with the citizen or lawful permanent resident filing a petition or making some other type of request to allow a family member to immigrate. The goal of this petition or request is to establish the existence of a valid family relationship between the parties involved. Depending on the country, the beneficiary may be a spouse, unmarried partner, child, parent or other immediate relative of the petitioner. Once the petition is approved, the foreign family member is usually able to secure lawful permanent residence in the petitioner’s country of citizenship.

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