Our multidisciplinary Compliance and Audit team has expertise that covers the full array of transactions and events that implicate immigration compliance in a business. We start by assessing our clients’ vulnerabilities in this area. After reviewing and auditing our clients’ internal immigration processes and protocols, we devise strategies to limit any exposure.

With regards to businesses involved in dealings with the government, we work with them to develop appropriate internal programs and policies that comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulations. Our goal is always to anticipate and address immigration issues that may arise under the said law and other relevant legislation, including the mandatory E-Verify enrollment for federal contracts.

We also advise both small and large businesses on ways to align their internal immigration processes to comply with the changing laws governing the hiring and documenting of their employees. We work with in-house counsel and human resources staff to develop efficient internal compliance programs and offer trainings on I-9, E-Verify enrollment, Labor Condition Application, employment-based visa requirements…etc.

We also counsel companies at every stage of a government enforcement action. We provide guidance on responses to government agencies’ demands for documents and help our clients prepare for site visits. Finally, we provide advice on issues of liabilities and fines and are able to represent our clients in negotiations or litigation with government agencies.

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