Our Advocacy and Government Relations team works with our clients to find ways to get involved in the legislative and regulatory process in a number of countries. We educate our clients on the various policies and regulatory issues that may affect them and their employees.

After identifying, researching and analyzing those issues that are of interest to them, we work with them to come up with strategies to successfully advance their interests. Where necessary, we join forces with other stakeholders and individuals who have the same focus and goals, to develop solutions that benefit our clients.

We participate in legislative deliberations in other ways as well, namely through testimony before legislative bodies and government, and through various written submissions and other thought-pieces on important policy issues. We produce:

  • amicus briefs,
  • legislative comments,
  • studies,
  • legal opinions,
  • reports,
  • case studies, and
  • white papers…etc..

Our team also helps our clients obtain guidance and interpretation of regulations and policies from the appropriate officials or government agencies when needed. From peculiar situations that require strategic government intervention to general policy initiatives that call for intricate political dynamics, we have the expertise and professional relationships necessary to help our clients achieve their goals.

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