Most frequent questions and answers

Residents in countries where we have offices
If you live in one of the countries where we have offices, kindly visit our nearest location for assistance.

Residents in countries where we do not have offices
Kindly complete the client questionnaire on the left. After completing the form, print a copy, scan it and return it to us with your CV and copy of your passport. Upon receipt of these documents we will request additional documents if necessary

**Please answer the questionnaire thoroughly, in as much detail as possible, in English and do not use abbreviations. Do not leave any questions blank. Where a question does not apply to you, answer N/A (not applicable).

We offer you several payment options as listed below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.
Method 1 – Cash or Cheque
If you live near one of our offices, you may visit our nearest location in person to pay cash.

Method 2 – Moneygram or Western Union
If you prefer to send your payment via Moneygram or Western Union, contact us for instructions.

Method 3 – International Bank Draft
You may also arrange for your bank to issue an International Bank Draft, payable to JURIPOINT in US dollars.

Method 4 – Telegraphic or Wire Transfer
If you would prefer to use this option, kindly contact us for instructions.

Method 5 – Credit Card/ paypal payment
If you own a credit/ debit card or have a Paypal account, it is simpler for you to pay online. Payments are securely processed and encrypted. All major credit and debit cards are accepted. Kindly use the information on the invoice you received or just click on the “Pay my bill” button.
Pay my bill

*** For currency conversions we recommend the following website:

Our clients value our predictable, reasonable, value-focused and no “hidden charges” pricing. Where possible, we bill cases on a flat fee basis, and where cases do not lend themselves to a flat fee arrangement, we use multiple cost-saving measures, in finalizing our hourly rates, including:

  • keeping an eye on the bottom line while staffing each case
  • assigning certain back office functions to lower-cost locations when adequate,
  • proposing alternative billing arrangements tailored to clients’ specific circumstances.

Yes, we will issue you a receipt or zero balance invoice upon our receipt of your payment.

It’s quite simple. Complete the application form online or contact us for more information.

The processing time of each visa application varies depending on many factors: your nationality, age, destination, type of visa, the processing office or consular representation handling your application, the number of applications currently being processed by that respective office, official published wait times for your type of visas, whether you submitted all the documents needs from the get-go, when and why you are applying for the visa, who is traveling you…etc.

Yes, we will keep you informed at every stage of the process.

Please do everything in your power to obtain all documents that are requested for your case. In the event that you do not have the requested documents, kindly send us what you have gathered and let us know which documents are unavailable. Upon hearing from you, we will advise you if alternative documents are a possibility or discuss the best forward.

Responses you provide to our questionnaire are for our internal use. However, failure to submit thorough and accurate responses can negatively impact your case. So kindly contact us as soon as possible to correct any errors or mistakes.

We try to anticipate and deal with any problem before it arises. We also respond to emergencies promptly and efficiently