Regardless of where our people are located, we are all committed to draw from our experience and expertise, to deliver the smartest and most efficient immigration solution to every client, anywhere in the world.
If you are in a country where we do not have an office, kindly fill the form below or send an email to and we will put you in touch with the team that can best assist you.


If you live near one of the offices below, we would like to hear from you:

7th Floor Heritage Towers
Ridge, Accra, Ghana
Tel1: +233-302-238-366
Tel2: +233-302-225-249
Tel3: +233-241-525-466
Fax: +233-265-248-181

11720 Amberpark Dr, Alpharetta, GA 30009
Tel1: +1 678-694-1500
Tel2: +1 478-268-3446
Fax: +1 203-643-3491

Immeuble Chirad & Fils
Gjedjromede, Cotonou
Tel1: +229 65912594
Tel2: +229 91919736
Fax: +229 91919736

Vasileos Konstantinou
Limassol Cyprus
Tel1: +357-96535651
Fax: +357-25879204

4th Floor SSNIT House Annex
Opp. KMA Harper Road
Adum Kumasi, Ghana
Tel1: +233-322-020-361
Tel2: +233-322-490-695
Fax: +233-264-090-091

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