Gallup the opinion poll company has done a survey from 2007 to 2009 in 135 Countries to find out what people’s intentions are. 16 percent of the World’s population would like to, if possible, move permanently to another Country. This is about 700 million people worldwide.Some of the findings are as follows:
People from sub-Saharan African Countries are the most likely to want to emigrate. Thirty-eight percent of the adult population wish to move abroad from this region which is about 165 million people.

Those from asian Countries are the least likely to want to move. Ten percent are interested in immigration which is approximately 250 million people.

The United States is the most popular Country for would be immigrants. Almost one quarter of those surveyed were interested in moving to the USA. This represents more than 165 million adults around the World.

It is estimated that approximately 45 million people would be interested in moving to Canada.
North America and Europe are the most popular immigration destination regions of the World.

Approximately 80 million people in the EU would like to move to another EU Country.
45 million people would like to move to the UK or France.
35 million would like to live in Spain.
25 million would like to emigrate to Germany.
30 million would like to move to Saudi Arabia.
25 million would like to move to Australia.

Gallup based its results on telephone and face to face interview with 259,542 adults, aged 15 and older, in 135 countries from 2007 to 2009. The 135 countries represent 93% of the world’s adult population